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29th April 2005

TimeStamp: 01:50: fook
It's been 48 weeks since I last posted and it was simply due to the fact that I didn't care.
I'm making this journal friends only since I don't want to live in the fear of someone I don't like reading this. I've already had something similar to this about four years ago and I'm really not willing to let my guard down.
I'm also filtering my friends list, so let me know if you're oh-so-keen on being in it.

I'm too much of a lazy bastard to go over all of the posts up until now and make them friends only so screw it.
If you're seeing this message and want to be added (even though I REALLY have no idea why), let me know in a comment.

24th May 2004

TimeStamp: 21:33: A Good Joke
A guy in Paris sees a pit bull attacking a toddler. He kills the pit bull and saves the child's life. Reporters swarmed the fellow.
Reporters: "Tell us! What's your name? All Paris will love you! Tomorrow's headline will be: 'Parisian Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog!'"

The guy says, "Well, I'm not from Paris."
Reporters: "That's OK. Then the whole of France will love you and tomorrow's headline will read: 'French Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog!'"

The guy says, "I'm not from France, either."
Reporters: "That's OK also. All Europe will love you. Tomorrow's headlines will shout: 'European Hero Saves Girl from Vicious Dog!'"

The guy says, "I'm not from Europe, either."
Reporters: "So, where ARE you from?"

The end of the jokeCollapse )

8th May 2004

TimeStamp: 20:49: Warning
Do not watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
It seems like a good show, but it's not. The jokes are lame, the animation is so-so, the story sucks. All in all, a below average show.

I just spent an hour on a few episodes to actually be certain. I am now.

6th May 2004

TimeStamp: 22:20: Bummer
21:00 - R comes online on MSN Messenger. We talk about how it was on Tech-Ed and stuff.
21:01 - R tells me that Y is fixing up an informal dinner with the famous Dino Esposito, who will be flying back home afterwards, tonight at 22:30. He asks me if I want to join and I happily say "Of course I do! Are you daft?!".
21:03 - R talks on the phone with Y. I ask him to say hi for me.
21:04 - R tells me that he was wrong to invite me because it was supposed to be a closed up dinner.

What a bummer.
Current Mood: bummed out

27th April 2004

TimeStamp: 00:57: Iron Chef America
I just watched the american version of Iron Chef.
No, really. It exists.

After reading such bad reviews, I came with a negative attitude.
I can honestly say that they did an ok job in moving it across the pacific. This show might indeed be liked by the mainstream audience in america.

The thing they lost about all this is the buzz. The whole japanese show is based around the buzz that the cooking academy is the best place on earth to cook and compete and that battles in the kitchen stadium are the most important thing for any chef.
Chairman Kaga is always super excited about everything and so are the announcers. Having just one as a replacement of three is not enough.

It just looks as if someone took the original Iron Chef, colored everything in metallic and red, made everyone speak English and removed all of the enthusiasm.

This is one show I'm going to be indifferent to. Too bad.

25th April 2004

TimeStamp: 20:41: Surreal
I just came home from a hard day's work (heh, nah, not really), to find out that my mom and dad have just decided they're going to buy me a laptop. They. Are. Going. To. Buy. Me. A. LAPTOP!

Just so you understand, my mom and dad are anti-technologists of some kind. We still don't have a VCR, since my dad thinks it'll just be another excuse for us to sit in front of the TV. Needless to say, a DVD player is out of the question. My brother got so sick of this that he actually bought a DVD player for himself.

So they're buying me a laptop. Holy mother of pearl.

And here's another joyful event: My Nokia 3100 to USB cable just arrived and I'm having the time of my life reading instructions such as "Input Disk in the CD-ROM", "You may see the above picture as below", "Please unplug the cable before to install Driver!".
Current Mood: shocked

24th April 2004

TimeStamp: 17:19: While reading /.
I've come across this guy's post.
Funny as hell, if you ever hung out on slashdot. :)

23rd April 2004

TimeStamp: 19:11: Weird
My fourteen year old sister is actually enjoying Simon Singh's The Code Book.
I'm now busy deciphering her cryptic messages to show her her method of choice for encrypting messages to her friends is flawful. Fun for the whole family. ;)

[update: she was mistaken with the encoding. damn it, that's half an hour down the drain...]
TimeStamp: 18:55: Hilarious
I just wish this was true...

Great fakes, though.

17th April 2004

TimeStamp: 21:38: Another one down
Well, they killed another leader of the Hamas. Good.

Weird thing, though, is that the news keeps calling him "Dr. Rantisi".
Makes him sound like a nice man, the kind that would give your kid a lollipop after he's done a physical checkup on him.

Words are powerful.
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